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Thing’s fixed

Van failed it's MOT the brakes needed replacing and a full service meant a bit of a hole in the bank account. The van was being repaired in Calmore so we walked to and from whilst awaiting the boiler to be fixed. Catching up with Gary for a coffee great to catch up.Luckily the walk is around the back of Totton and has its high points.

The boiler was fixed so now we are mobile and have heat.

We then had contact from NFDC requesting some further information on the building of the house that if we can't get the correct documentation we may have to pay a substantial amount to them.

That sort of news tends to focus one's attention. So the rest of the day was spent trying to gather the information needed. We are short one crucial document so tomorrow will be spent trying to get it . Then we will start the packing and organising for the next step.

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