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Times they are a changing.

An overcast day which started off cold and gradually warmed very little breeze so the little blighters have started to venture out. Fully booked campsite so normal duties with time spent clearing banks behind pitches of gorse brambles and other debris.

As well as the weather becoming noticeably cooler especially in the mornings and evenings, the nights drawing in,the first leaves beginning to fall there are no children on site.It feels like Autumn is approaching and signalling the end of our time in the highland.

However the clientele are reverting back to the over 60s retired and able to take advantage of kid free times. This means that we are full but with not as many people. We have gone from families to couples. In turn this means less waste but sadly a continuing inability or blatant disregard for any recycling. In other news Sheikh Maktoum supreme leader of DubaI, friend of the queen,owner of the Godolphin stables, billionaire, kidnapper of his daughters and owner of most of the adjacent land is in residence. He was seen today with his entourage of bodyguards and security details driving through the nearby woods. He spends 4 weeks a year hear abouts and has just been granted permission to build a 64 bedroom house. To fit his 64,000 acre garden.The world doesn’t make any sense.

The weather is set to change tomorrow with heavy rain forecast for the afternoon. Rain due to arrive as we finish work for the afternoon. Off on Monday and so far it looks a little better.

This is a picture of a white tailed eagle that Bill took a beautiful animal.

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