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Tip runs, weeds and a forest walks

We spent a beautiful day running backwards and forwards to the tip and other miscellaneous tasks around the house.

We had remained parked outside the house on the driveway this enabled us to catch up with the neighbours and get an early start.

Made the most of the day with an early sortie in to the forest with daughter and the dogs.

The forest is a unique place I've not been anywhere that has the abundance of wild animals wandering around with little notice of us humans trudging past.

Having said that it is depressingly noticeable the decline in the nesting birds that not so long ago were abundant.

Having completed the walk we finished emptying the container and took our dismantled table to an obliging and very helpful MIL in Eastleigh.

Returned and did a couple of tip runs. Then done minor repairs on the property before cleaning the roof of the van. The accumulated debris from the trees had covered the sky lights and solar panels. Rae spent a good couple of hours on the roof getting rid of what she could reach.

Meanwhile I was tasked with weed control both back and front.

Luckily the house remains empty which means that we were able too use the shower which we were both in need of.

All we need to do now is find someone to buy it off us and remove it. Got to cach up with all the grandkids today and Elodie was very helpful on the tip runs and is up early tomorrow as we have 2 more booked in.

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