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To posh for the likes of us🫠

Lesson learnt in regards otter spotting. When your actively looking for them you won't find them. We spent hours in Scotland and elsewhere and the only time we've seen them is when not looking. This proved to be the same we went looking last night and this morning to no avail.

We set off in good time for the relatively short trip down the coast to Biarritz.

We arrived around midday and parked up before walking the 2 miles into the town centre along the coast.

The wind was strong and the sea was magnificent. We started off with jumpers and coats but very soon realised that we are no longer in England. It's a balmy 70 degrees here.

There was some great rock formations on the way.

The views across the bay towards Spain were amazing.

Biarritz itself is not really for the likes of us. Shops selling clothes that would cost a week's wage . You know when you're out of your depth when things don't have a price tak and you have a man opening the door for you!

We're glad we took the slight detour as it's one of the places one hears about in the movies. We were debating whether to stay another day or push on. In short we are off to Spain in the morning and are looking to stay fir a day or two in San Sebastián.

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