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Train to Burntisland

Rae had her Spanish lesson this morning. So I spent the time assembling tables and units for our new extension. The weather was looking a bit dodgy so we caught the train from our local station.

We choose Burntisland which was a 30 minute train journey away.

Views of islands and Edinburgh slightly obscured by the haze.

It did mean that we had the beach to ourselves.

The advantage of visiting these seaside towns in the off season is that we can re visit at the height of the season and enjoy both aspects.

The town itself was a little disappointing as we had beer advised by a couple of locals that it was worth a look. We could see the potential and will revisit on a summers day. It looks like we can catch the train here and walk another section of the coastal path back down the line towards Kilkaldy.

Strangely the town is neither on an island nor is it burnt. So I have no idea why it's called Burntisland. That's despite a google search. The best I could come up with was that some fishermen's shacks were set alight back in the day!

Another rainy day tomorrow so we will probably consolidate our new living quarters. Possibly a quick walk around the local park to check on the Rhododendrons .

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