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Train to Dundee

We survived the night as it rained heavily we have a couple of leaks in the van and a door that doesn't work. However managed to survive the night with no signs of water ingress.

Early up to the gym to burn off enough calories to allow for a couple of beers later.

We then borded the train to Dundee for a stroll and a few charity shops.

That's how I felt looking for a dog friendly pub.!

The train journey was great through some great countryside and across the iconic railway bridge.

With the road bridge in the foreground. Gordon had his inaugural run out in his sun proof chariot.

Dundee was surprisingly open and interesting with walks along the seashore. They have a museum and art gallery on the river. Along with floating and moveable oil rigs.

We aim to catch a later train back to site. Rain forecast for tomorrow. So not sure what we will be doing at this point.

The circus is in town!!

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