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Try everything once apart from incest and Morris Dancing!

Day started a little chilly but quickly warmed up and the sun was shining for most of the day. I’m in the office trying to get grips with the administration side of things and doing bits and pieces outside. Today I was trying to save a clematis which had toppled over and in the process found a thrush nest with eggs in. I presume the picture above was a less than happy mother thrush. I’m hoping that once the clematis was righted she will be able to resume her parental responsibilities.

To explain the title of this blog. I was walking towards the toilets with a cleaning cloth in one hand when a gentleman out of the blue said you should try everything once except Morris Dancing and Incest. It is difficult to argue against such obvious truths.

Tomorrow is a half day and we will spend the afternoon gently preparing for our assault upon Ben Nevis. Monday is looking good still and we hope to be off and on the road by 6 reaching the start of the climb by 7.30.

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