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Turned out nice

Forecast was a bit hit and miss with heavy rain showers expected but decided o take a chance and head for the hills. Rae had Spanish and the mechanics turned up on site replaced the seal on the filter and replaced the filter itself. Another job sorted and this time just a little short of £100 so not to bad.

The weather was good as we set out with a fair bit of sunshine.

Started up on the hills with great views across Fyfe. We followed the path down the valley before crossing the river.

We strolled around the town of Falkland with the palace that we had visited previously. Had a cup of coffee with accompanying wildlife.

We had lunch and then started the climb on the other side of the valley following the stream.

A nice walk through the forest offering shade from sun wind and at times rain.

Rae and Neil admiring the first of the waterfalls.

We carried on up to the famous falls .

When we had previously visited the path behind the water had been closed due to erosion now it has been reopened meaning you get a view from behind as well!

It's a great walk of some 9 miles quite a steep climb and descent but with good well maintained trails. It is great for the dog as he has shade and water practically along the entire route.

It's been nice to catch up with Neil. Tomorrow is looking a little unsettled so we will wait until the morning before we plan our day.

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