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Two out of Three ain’t bad!

We started off in a torrential downpour that escorted us out of Scotland . As a result the views were non existent as our visibility was severely restricted. We passed rivers in full spate and waterfalls cascading off mountains but due to the length of our outfit and weather we did not stop.

Unfortunately the rain managed to run into the window switch ans shorted out. The result was that the window had a mind of its own opening closing and then deciding to stop working when fully open. I thumped it and the switch fell out. I then had to dismantle the cover squirt WD40 on it and 20 minutes later it closed itself. Fingers crossed it has remained closed on the 5 and a half hour journey south. It was stressful as the wind was high blowing us and the caravan about. With the combined weigh it’s very slow on hills. On the motorway we were buffeted by HGVs as they haired by.

We only stopped once on our journey south as we headed for Keswick.

Gordon was demonstrably stressed by the whole journey!

We made good time considering the conditions and coped by and large with the stress entailed in towing the long vehicle on highland roads and motorways.

We arrived in time for a stroll into the surrounding countryside.

By a babbling brook.

Third country tomorrow as we head into Wales. We have decided to go across country avoiding the M6 on the advice of friends who live in Brecon and also we prefer non motorway driving with the unit that we are currently driving. Looking forward too catching up with people at home and staying still for a bit. We have covered considerable distances in the last 10 days or so

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Christine Rourke
Christine Rourke
26 oct. 2021

Goodness sake take care both of you xoxo xoxo

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