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U víspera de tres reyes

It was a stormy night and true to form the morning was bright and virtually cloudless. It was however a little chilly but nothing a coat and jumper couldn't sort out.

We were planning on returning to the local town for the 3 kings Eve procession so we stayed locally.

The short drive to Jerez de la Frontera some 30 minutes away.

We have ended up in the middle of Sherry country. Too Pepe , Harvey's Bristol Cream and Sandeman to name a few are all based here.

The statutes in the main square celebrate the Sherry connection and Tio Pepe in particular.

It is also home to the Andalusian Horse Heritage Center. We didn't go in but it looked stunning through the gates.

The ubiquitous Storks are fast becoming an everyday occurrence.

We decided to return to the home town to attend the procession of the 3 kings as they parade through the town in preparation for the gifts being delivered tonight. As long as you have been good.

We certainly weren't prepared for the size of the parade and the huge crowds. The parade started at 4 and winds it's way through town finishing at 9.

It took an hour to pass us. Huge floats, music, marching bands and street performers.

Through out they were throwing buckets of sweets into the crowd and presents. There were boxes and boxes of the stuff. The floats were piled up with supplies. Unfortunately all wrapped in plastic. The kids had big shopping bags that they had bought with them and were able too fill them up with stuff!

Following behind were an army of stree cleaners trying too remove the debris.

It was a raucous and fun experience. A great atmosphere with kids , families and adults all participating.

Tomorrow is a bank holiday. Not sure what will be open. Supposed to be another beautiful day. We will jump in the car and explore further inland. The white villages of Analucia are something that is a must do apparently?

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