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Uncle Bills

We were very much looking forward too the England semi final game today, we weren't disappointed. A great game and finally an England team in the World Cup final the second time in my lifetime. Let's hope they are as successful as 1966. Its incredible how the woman's game has taken off and we are both thoroughly enjoying the games.

We have booked a table for Sunday brunch at the local pub who have promised to put the match on for us. I had to explain to them what a successful football team is as they do struggle with the concept 🧐

After that excitement we then had to load Gordon up in his trailer and cycle to visit Uncle Bill dog sitter. He was a little discombobulated by the tension in the van and was clearly not looking forward too his sleepover.

In he got and off we set. He was able to stretch his legs as the first bit of the journey was across the fields.

When we arrived back in March they were ploughed then they were covered in yellow flowers and now we have gone full circle.

Time has gone so fast it seems like we've just gotten here. I guess that's a good sign as time flies when you're enjoying yourself.

The route took us across the new railway line that is being constructed that will connect Leven to Edinburgh. Not seen or heard of a new railway being built ( apart from HS2) so it was a novel experience. It's due to open next year I believe.

Then across the river before we arrived at Uncle Bills. Gordon was less than impressed but as always settles in quickly.

Off to fringe tomorrow 2 BBC shows booked and nothing else planned at the moment. Hoping to catch the 9.30 train in so we should be in the city by 10.30

Weather looking manageable and it's not such a problem when you're walking around the city.

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