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Uneventful day uneventful weather.

Returned to work today after yesterdays outing to sky. A busy day of comings and going’s but no problems or difficulties encountered. The variety of patrons is a highlight of the job so far. Varied conversations with people from all walks of life. Learning new stuff all the time. I may start to look at the possibility of long distance hiking with overnight stays😳.

I forgot to mention that as part of the clearing that resulted in the abandoned villages. The other unintended consequence were the goats that were left behind. These are now feral and roam the Highlands and there are many in the local area.

They have been known to be a bit aggressive if feeling threatened. They do have an impressive set of horns on them!

Gordon is having a well deserved rest day and appears to be relishing it😎.

Working tomorrow, the weather appears to be becoming a little more clement, however there does appear to be a few midges making an appearance. Never a dull moment!

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