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Unexpected rain

We had decided to revisit the walk we had done previously around the Lock Leven.

The weather forcast was set fair but for once it got it badly wrong. On the way out ( we went around anti clockwise this time) it tipped it down.

Obscuring the surrounding hills.

We had skirted around the town of Kinross previously so decided to call in on the way round the Loch. A pretty enough town but as it was a Sunday not a lot going on. We had a coffee and recommenced the walk.

The weather improved as the day wore on. This enabled us to dry out.

There's a castle on the Loch where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned.

In total 13 plus miles. Another step in our farewell tour of the area.

Tomorrow the weather seems to be ok. With a bit of luck we will head for the hills as that gives us a great view across Fyfe!

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