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Ups and downs

An interlude between storms was what we were hoping for today, That's exactly what we got a day of sunshine and a few clouds. Wind speeds were moderate unless standing on a high promontory.

We planned the day with military precision. Getting the infrequent bus to Wollacombe at 9.30. Walking to 10 miles to Ilfracombe. Getting bus back to campsite then going out again on the bus to Broughton to watch the football.

The tide was out at Wollacombe and it's a beautiful beach if a little windswept today.

The sea was a constant roar that accompanied us through out the walk.

There were a couple of surfers braving the sea rather them than me.

We then set off along the coastal path for the first of many steep hills.

The coastline is breathtaking and as an extra bonus very few people this time of the year. At times it was a little rugged but non the worse for that.

The path was well signposted and maintained.

We had lunch in a place called Lee which was about 1/2 way through. Very pleasant it was too

We then took a very minor road part of the coastal path up the steepest climb so far.

As we neared Ilfracombe the cliffs became steeper and more dramatic.

Then we turned a corner and Ilfracombe was laid out in front of us.

A great walk sharing the way with.


Football tonight and we are keeping an eye on the weather prior to deciding on tomorrow's activities.

There maybe other factors that influence our decisions. 😵‍💫

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