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Ups and downs

Rae had another Spanish lesson so Gordon and I went out into the forest for what is I believe the best walk to experience what the Forest has to offer . This starts at the Pigs Bush carpark.

Through the woods.

Before crossing the river out onto heathland.

Then through some old woodlands.

Before we came out into a clearing.

Up past Beaulieu before heading into one of the few ancient woodlands remaining.

It's a great walk and if wanting to see all aspects of the forest it can't be beaten.

Some great trees.

And unique views

Returned home met up with Rae and then headed back to finish off the decorating from yesterday. Unfortunately Charlie wasn't in the correct frame of mind and it very quickly deteriorated into a rather messy situation. On the plus side we managed to resolve the situation by removing Charlie from painting duties.

It turned out okay and at least we got one good day out of it with him.

Tomorrow we are off to Salisbury with the 3 younger ones for an indoor inflatable assault course. Weather is not looking too good so luckily it's inside!

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