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Van Doctor and Foot Doctor!

The van went into the Van Doctor at 9.30. I had sat on the phone waiting to get an appointment with the GP. I got an appointment for early afternoon and as such we had a bit of time to kill. So we headed to Kilkaldy to get a change of scenery. I was shoved up the rocks whilst Rae took the dog off for a walk.

Not a bad place to sit and luckily the weather held . The rocks also acted as a windbreak. We then had a limp around a couple of shops before heading back.

The van was fixed £500 but could have been worse.

The Doctor gave me a couple of boxes of painkillers and has referred me for an urgent X-ray possibly in 2/3 weeks.

We also got a couple of options for next year in Scotland. Either Inverness or in the middle of the highlands in a place called Killin.

We have decided to take a look at Killin tomorrow as we know Inverness and have previously visited the site there.

The distance is roughly the same. One is a little more isolated than the other so we will have too weigh up our options! Oh and midges will be part of the decision !

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