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Wales and rain

Met up with brother Bill in Brecon after we had set off to the Gower to meet with potential new bosses for next season. We had been luckily loaned a car by friends Neil and Ceri. The trip down was a little disappointing as the rain and clouds obscured the journey.

Wales is a beautiful country but lacks the majesty of Scotland. On the Gower we came across a mountain of farmed welk shells.

And a murmeration

We also met with potential new managers for next season. We were both impressed by there open and supportive attitude. We are optimistic for next season.

We returned to meet brother Bill and enjoyed the evening together. The rain was intense and we had to call a taxi to get us home.

Sheep are an important part of the Welsh infrastructure. It’s nice to get things into perspective. Rain continues into tomorrow. We have to prepare for the Halloween function on Saturday. Fancy dress and first proper night out in 18 months 😎🌈

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