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Walk on the beach

Last night we found a couple of bars they were very chilled and laidback with great sea views. It's a little strange to be surrounded by loads of other tourists and hearing English being spoken all around us.

We decided to have a quiet day without the car.

The weather was beautiful bright blue skies and sunshine all day. The wind was coming off the sea so at times a jumper was needed.

These puppies seemed happy with their lot.

There are a large number of dogs in sizeable packs strewn along the beach. They seem to have adapted well to this semi wild existence. Most seem friendly and the worse we've seen is a little barking and a little wariness of humans.

The beach stretched out in both directions with surfers, horses , camels and quad bikes located along the entire stretch.

As always if you're willing to walk a little the crowds disperse and we got the sands to ourselves.

They are gradually building high end hotels and before long the whole bay will be lined with tourist infrastructure.

At the far end of the beach some 4 miles long was an rocky outcrop.

Those houses at the end of the bay is the town we are currently staying in.

It was nice to stroll grab a leisurely coffee before returning back along the beach. We spent the latter part of the walk filling a plastic bag we found on the beach with rubbish. It's a surprisingly clean beach but even so there was unfortunately lots to collect.

We spent the afternoon on our roof terrace.

This is the view from there .

Enjoying the flat and the downtime.

We are off on the last major car drive tomorrow to a local walled town. About 2.5 hours drive away .

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