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Waterfalls missed long walk taken mountains scaled

We had the day off and made the most of a beautiful day the lull before the incoming storm! Set off at 9 returned home 8 hours later. Upon our return spent time preparing as best we can for storms ahead. As we set off came across a derelict shepherds hut, holiday home any one!

Off up forest tracks with compass and map for the first attempt! Immediately ran out of signal on phones so very lucky we had it. Managed to find our way to our destination the falls of Glomach. No signs no people no litter. Passed 2 corpses of deer in various degrees of decomposition

passed rivers bridges

Then up and up and further up...

Just when we were about to give up in the distance we saw a river and the possibility of a waterfall so on we went going down the side of a steep mountain knowing that we would be returning the same way!

Down there somewhere.

We made it to the bottom I crossed the river above the falls as the best view was apparently from the far side. Rae attempted but was forced back by slippery rocks and deep water! Very sensible as it turns out as the hight and massive drop was too much for either of us to contemplate

So we settled for a picture by the sign had a picnic and imagined what it must look like! It sounded awesome.

Even Gordon got in on the act and we returned home up the mountain and then down the other side! If you look closely you can see a hobbit in its natural environment 😎!

By this time Gordon was giving us disapproving looks and taking the high ground !

Every time we stopped he was on the floor and asleep He has crashed and burned since our return. Met one hill runner on our trip and no one else. He stopped for a chat then carried on with his self harm.

Pie and mash for tea thanks Rae . We are as prepared as we can be for for snow gales Etc. The one thing about this place is it keeps you on your toes !

Working tomorrow and planning my snowman ⛄️

It’s night night from Gordon.

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Lizzie Roberts
Lizzie Roberts
03 Απρ 2021

Looks incredible! Gordon having a well deserved rest I see! Good luck with the snow!!!

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