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Way too burst our bubble!

Well we set off last night in good spirits but things started to take a bit of a dive from midnight on. We had to get off the bus to clear customs and passport control at the channel tunnel. There was then delay of about 2 hours as the driver missed the scheduled departure. This meant that we were unable to settle for the journey until 3 in the morning. Then the heating on the bus was like an out of control sauna. Plus the fact they had decided to cram us on a coach that a primary school would reject as not having enough leg room for the kids. I never realised that you could play twister on your own unfortunately neither of us are contortionists!! All this meant that we arrived in Paris a great deal coach lagged.

We had booked tickets for the Louvre and decided that after we had dropped our bags we would walk the 4 miles alongside the Seine. There was nearly a disaster as we had put the time wrong on the booking forms for the bag drop. Needless to say neither of us were impressed. Luckily we managed to amend the booking!

The walk was beautiful but a bit longer and challenging than expected due to the lack of sleep.

That's the Notre Dame Cathedral being reconstructed.

We took a bit of a detour through a graffiti daubed tunnel near the Louvre.

We both preferred these🥰

To this

Unfortunately we were so jaded by lack of sleep we really didn't do the Museum justice.

We then caught the metro back to the bus depot had a meal collected our bags and waited for the bus.

The bus station is not a pleasant place a lot rough around the edges and filthy.

We've learned that 24 hours without sleep long coach journeys with a brief interlude to cram in a long walk a massive museum probably wasn't best thought out. Oh well every day is a school day. On the plus side it was a glorious dry,sunny warm day! Weather is set to get better as we travel south,

Next time a day bus,a hotel then onwards. Personally not a great fan of big cities especially when sleep deprived!

Our bus was allocated a departure gate and of course it was a s far away as it could be. I'm not ashamed to admit that I was a little no a lot anxious if the bus was the same as the school bus of yesterday I think I may of cried real tears. But lo and behold a new one and built for grownups oh be still my beating heart 💗.

I think I may survive the next 17 hours I hope... .

We have 2 nights in a hotel in Madrid but can't get into the room until 14.00 . The bus arrives at 10.00 we've booked a baggage drop and will have to sleep walk around until we can book in.

Last night's bus!

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