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We fought the law and we won

Up with the sun this morning. It was supposed to be cloudy in the morning with the best weather in the afternoon.

We decided to set off early to climb the Law a hill that dominates the North Berwick skyline.

Once we got to the top it afforded us great views through 360• We had a Birds Eye view of our van far below.

Gordon enjoyed his moment as the highest dog in Lothian. As you can see there wasn't a cloud in the sky. There was some remnants of the Harr of yesterday but didn't interfere with our view to any great extent .

The ruin is the the old telegraph office with gannet island beyond.

These whale bones have been ever present since 1700s. These ones are made of fibreglass.

This is the view from the headland back towards the Law featuring our van .

The weather was sunny throughout which suited us and with a bucket load of water the dog survived.

This is the likely to be the last good day we'll at least until we migrate to Spain for winter.

This was the sunset from last night.

And its good bye from him

Gordon photo bombed Rae . You can just see her cap behind him!

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