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We’ll be back.

We somehow became embroiled in an impromptu party in the campsite last night so as a consequence a little bleary eyed this morning. The midges were by far and away the worst we had experienced so far. However the combination of Avon so soft and special clothing appears to be keeping them at bay. So far!

As you can see from the picture above Ben Nevis was shrouded In cloud making our decision to head off without attempting to climb it justified. The weather looks promising for this coming Monday we are off and will heading out early if the forecast holds good.

A grey and blustery day as we set off back to base camp.

That’s us stopping for a quick stretch of the legs. The combination of truck and caravan is very long as you can see. It causes problems when people overtake not realising how long it is. We have ordered some long vehicle labels as a precautionary measure.

When we were in the Andes at particular points in the view of 3 mountains . The locals believed that stacking 3 stones on top of each other was a way of appeasing the gods of earth and sky and bought good fortune and made wishes come true. In some places they stretched as far as the eye could see.

It rained on and off for the whole journey. We did manage to stop at a damn. Which has formed a loch behind it.

Got my Father’s Day present from Luke delivered!

Reasonably apt!

Went out for a walk to look for otters no luck however I did catch a glimpse of one the other day as we set out. Another wildlife tick ✔️ to add to the list.

Back to work tomorrow weather due to improve slightly. At least it’s not cold and the wind is keeping the midges at bay. Apparently they can’t tolerate any wind above 5mph.

Well Gordon is a harsh critic!

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