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We made lemonade!

The van was in to have its alternator replaced early morning. We then had to decide what to do whilst we waited. Decided to head for Dundee.

The town has its problems much the same as every town and city in Scotland.

On the plus side it had a beautiful park.

With woodlands and woodland walks.

Vast open spaces, one of the best children's playgrounds I've seen and a Zoo.

We drove from here back towards the City stopping at the Dundee Law that towers above the city. Unfortunately the view was somewhat obscured by the rain and the haw.

That's the Tay road bridge the railway bridge was totally hidden in the fog.

We had a walk around the city before heading into the museum and art gallery .

It was an eclectic mix of ancient and modern from pre history to recent history. Some great art work ceramics and weird stuff in between.

Plus it was totally free. Well worth a visit if you're in this neck of the woods.

We picked up the van hopefully won't need a garage for a while 🤞. Returned to the campsite to be greeted by a red squirrel right next to the van. Bearing in mind we have been travelling the length and breadth of Scotland looking for them and there it was outside the door.

Tomorrow (god willing) we start our journey home. Currently the plan is to head to the Kelpies tomorrow have a look around before heading to Carlisle maybe stopping in Gretna on the way.

The day was interesting and considering we weren't supposed to be here and the fact that it was tipping it down a very pleasant time was had!

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