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Weather induced indoor activity!

We had a brief respite from the rain in the morning so took the opportunity for a quick spin around the local park. As with most scenic parks it was previously owned by aristocracy. The home is now a 35 bed luxury hotel with golf course. Rooms start at £100 to above £200. I believe it was sold in the 60s and the hotel opened in the early nineties.

Whatever the history the result is a beautiful park with a rhododendron collection from around the world.

It has rivers running through the middle of it.

With great view points that you can see all the way to the sea from. With Arthur's seat Edinburgh in the far distance.

when the rain came again it was heavy and persistent so we took advantage of our newly acquired gym membership and spent a couple of hours exhausting ourselves.

Not been in a gym for a few years so it was good to get back into it. It also gives us a fallback on days like today.

Tomorrow is the one good day for the next week. So we are planning on a train walk train. This will enable us to walk another 10 miles or so of the coastal path.

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