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Well rain it did.

It wasn't supposed to rain today and as we stand it's still not raining according to the forecast but it is and it has on and off all day. Luckily we had a team meeting last night in the pub and unanimously decided that we would have a rest day today.

We have sprung a small leak in the tent so we spent a couple of hours de bird pooing it and cleaning tree debris off in preparation to applying some re waterproofing spray. In fairness it has been up for an extended period and has been subject to some pooling which is were the leak is situated!

On the plus side our view from the van has improved a lot greener as is everything else we are looking at. There are already warnings in place in regards to water supply up here. That sounds incredible given how many lochs reservoirs and rivers this country has. If they struggle up here I dread to think what the rest of th UK is facing?

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be better but then so was today.

We will look at walking new trails in the local vicinity.

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