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Well that’s it then!

We decided to make the 9 mile walk to the beach as a final goodbye to our stay in Fyfe. The field below had been freshly ploughed when we first walked this path. It's now ready for the potatoes to be harvested.

Another constant have been the Dovcotes which used to supply both eggs and meat back in the day. They have been around almost every where we have visited,

These 2 oil rigs have been the sea equivalent of the Lomond hills as landmarks during our wandering.

This beach has been the one we have most visited mainly because it's the closest. It also is tide dependent. Once again the beaches in Scotland have never failed to impress. Although the weather is not ideal for swimming or sunbathing they are great for walking and wildlife. Unlike the beaches in the UK dogs are welcome on every beach we have visited.

There is no Bournemouth or Blackpool equivalent up north it's a phenomenon that the Scots travel too! 😎

Tomorrow we are driving to the local Costco with the site manager as she wants to have a look and see whether it's worth joining.

A quick final stroll around the local park before heading south on Thursday.

Bye Bye Leven 🫠

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