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Well that was weird

We headed off out at about 10 with tickets in hand. The intention was to have a couple of drinks on the way get to the club and see the new year in and be safely tucked up in bed by 2 at the latest.

We walked into town about 2 miles and everything was closed. Not a bar cafe or restaurant. We found one that was closing. We could not work out what was going on. We got to the club and it was closed after further research it became clear that it opened at 1 in the morning not closed at 1 as we had thought, somethings are lost in translation.

We had a wander about and found the town square which was deserted apart from a stage and a solitary man who told us that something started at 11.

We returned to the van picked up the bikes and refreshments and returned to the square.

Things were starting to happen and as we edged towards midnight the music and lights intensified.

It's a tradition to eat 12 grapes as the chimes ring out. Its supposed to ensure that you have good fortune for the following year.

They also gave out grapes and other paraphernalia as modelled by Rae.

Just as quickly as it had started everyone left.

The town once again emptied.

We rode the bikes around for a bit and arrived at the club which eventually opened at 1.

On entering we were given stuff and the drinks were included.

It was a good night in the end nit one that we had anticipated but glad we persevered.

Good music all the old favourites from the last 2 decades of the last century. Surprisingly not one Spanish song 🤷‍♂️.

The trip backs a little blurry but got back about 3.30 .

Today we spent reading in the sun and recharging.

The police were a little nonplussed as we wished them a happy new year.

Another sunny day tomorrow Rae has Spanish lesson in the morning and we shall work out what to do from there.

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