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Well we don’t need any more of that thank you!

We awoke to an unusual white blotches in the sky. The night's remain chilly as do the mornings. We set off for our bike ride to Cadiz in good spirits but to be honest a little underprepared. We have in a short space of time become accustomed to the day heating up at about 10.00 . Today it didn't,we had to stop at Decathlon and buy gloves.

The tide was out so we had the beach to ourselves and it was a much nicer cycle route than the road way.

We got to the bridge to Cádiz that 3 navigation apps assured us was cycling friendly to find our way barred. After a fruitless search and a couple of confusing conversations in Spanish we cut our losses and headed back via the nature reserve.

The sign is asking people not to have fires as it's a risk of forest fires. A little late one would think?

The ride was worth the slight detour. It also gave the dog a chance to stretch his legs.

This bridge we were able too cross.

With some great views down the estuary.

We called into the tourist information office on the way back. There's no way that you can cycle into Cadiz as all 3 bridges don't have cycling lanes. We can't use the ferry as the don't allow dogs unless they are in a backpack. We asked Gordon but he demurred. That leaves the train or bus. Not sure if he's allowed on buses? On the train he can we think but he may have to be museled . Further investigation is needed.

On the plus side the bikes are working out well as long as we don't want to go too Cádiz.

Another sunrise.

Tomorrow the weather returns too normal. And for the next 10 days we have unrelenting sun forecast. I think today I may have felt a couple of drops of rain but may have been mistaken 😎.

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