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Wet walk with waterfalls.

Rain was forecast so we decided to get suitably attired and set off for a hill walk . It was about 12 miles to the starting point. When we arrived it was so foggy that we debated whether to give it a miss or give it ago. Fortunately we chanced are arm.

Initially the view was very restricted but as we descended things became a lot clearer.

We ended up at the bottom of the hill wandering through a tunnel

Onto the Falkland estate once owned by the Jacobean kings.

We had lunch in the village of Falkland before starting the return journey up the valley.

The Palace is a National Trust property so we shall return when the weather is worse as we have membership.

The return path followed the stream up along the valley.

Crisscrossing the stream at several points with a collection of waterfalls as company.

We managed to avoid most of the rain but it was damp and as described up here dreich!

Glad we made the effort and are looking forward to returning in good weather so we can fully appreciate the views from the hills.

Of course when the weather improves there will be many more people about and the rivers won't be so full.

The more we explore the local area the more we are happy with our choice of sites o spend the summer.

The weather remains a little hit and miss for the foreseeable. So we will continue to dress appropriately and get out as much as we can.

Gordon has added to his wardrobe and it changes colour in the rain. Lucky boy!

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