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Wettest yet

It rained non stop and heavily for over 12 hours straight. This obviously restricts one options. Dog hates it and getting everyone in and out of the van with out drenching everything can be a logistical challenge.

I had to force the dog out to use the facilities. He was less than impressed. Despite having his rain gear on.

The local cinema has a £3 Monday any film £3 each. We had the foresight of booking ahead when we checked the forecast.

It was a lot better than expected although a little awkward when Rae wanted to leave me on my own in the que. Needless to say she had to wait until we were seated to access the ladies. Having said that it was really not a film for the very young ones. Definitely worth watching but probably doesn't have to be in the cinema.

When we came out it was late afternoon and the rain had eased. We took the opportunity to get a short walk in.

The river was as full as we had seen it since we have been up here.

We are hoping to see an improvement in the weather tomorrow. If so then a decent walk would be good. We are looking to leave the site fir a few days come Wednesday when we will head towards the Trussocks for a bit of hill walking weather permitting.

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