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What’s higher than Ben Nevis? We were!

The weather was set fine so today was the day for a walk. We headed out of town and upwards. Initially thought that we would go as far as the view point and then assess.

We decided to carry on up. We were walking along an unpaved road so although bumpy at times it was a relatively easy hike.

Past some interesting rock formations no idea how that remains standing.

As we ascended it became colder and colder eventually at 5000 ft the clouds came down and it started to snow. We were over 1000 ft higher than Ben Nevis but had started at 2000 ft so a little bit of a cheat.

In the UK anything over 3000 feet is classified as a mountain. We passed a few canabis farmsteads on the way up but the crop had been harvested and was being transported down the mountain.

Of course there was the obligatory snow ball fight.

Which the kid enjoyed 😉

There he is making munching on the remains of the cannabis crop.

We decided that discretion was the better part of valour and turned around as the top of the mountain was covered in clouds and snow was falling.

The view across the riff mountains was a little hazy but a joy to behold.

We got down safely although a little weary after 13 plus miles of mountain hiking. Really glad we made the effort it was something very special.

That was the path ahead and really pleased we decided to turn around.

Plus we made it back in time for the sunset. This is the view from the rooftop of our hostel!

We managed to get the washing done today so we both smell a little nicer.

All in all a really great day. Nice to get away from the hurly burly and be out in mountains.

Last day here tomorrow Rae has some sightseeing lined up but nothing to hectic 😊

Snow joke🫣

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