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When Gordon met Gordon and other tales from a day of activity!

Awoke with a mysterious headache which may or may not have been football related! Not a great match but for us sasanachs trying to earn a living in the land of the free probably the safest.

A nice day and we set off early for Skye to pick up some jewellery which was in for repairs. We then heade off to Pluckton on the banks of loch Caran. We’ve been a couple of times before and theres an outdoor outlet shop there and we were after more insecticide infused clothing!

We took a circuitous walking route parking out of town to avoid traffic.

Gordon and Rae admire the views

And looking the other way

Not bad for a chance find.

On the way back to the van we came across a couple of Scottish gentlemen who appear to be celebrating last nights result. One of them took a shine to Gordon. I told him that his name was Gordon. He then became a little irate asking us how we knew him and where from. It took a moment to understand that his name was Gordon too. Luckily he saw the funny side and we parted on good terms!

The weather stayed sunny and warm and we returned to base to carry out some maintenance on our habitation units.

Rae took the high ground! Leaks sorted 🤞. Rattles silenced! And we are all ready to hit the road on Tuesday as we head for Fort William. We were hoping to walk Ben Nevis but the forecast does not currently look favourable.

Work tomorrow . Weather set to continue to be great for a change nicer than down south!

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