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When life gives you lemons 🍋

So! The day started as planned and we got to the garage at about 8.30 dropped it off and went off for breakfast. Returned and set off in good spirits for the next leg of our journey. Got about 20 miles down the road and the engine cut out. Got out and there was diesel all over the hard shoulder.

A narrower than normal hard shoulder on a busy motorway. Luckily the traffic guys turned up quickly with a big truck and an arrow. This meant we could sit in the truck until we were rescued.

We got taken back the way we had come and deposited in the car park overlooking the famous bridges. With streams of tourists on buses for company.

The AA man came and after a great deal of swearing managed to get us back on the road again with a stern warning that not only was it a temporary solution but we also needed to get our coolant hoses replaced.

After 7 hours we found ourselves back at the garage we set off from this morning. They looked at it sucked the air through their teeth and ordered new hoses. We have been advised to stay local.

This is local.

A wee stroll up the hill behind which is the highest point in Fyfe.

There's views down on to the Royal Palace of Falkland.

Plus we got a great view of our home!

You get all of this plus toilets for a suggested donation of £10 a night 😎.

If everything had gone according to plan we would have been in the red circle. Looking back across to where we are now.

Not bad for a failed day. We could see our campsite from here if not for the trees. We can stay here until 18.00 tomorrow.

We are planning on walking to Falkland tomorrow and the heading to the coast tomorrow evening as Sunday is looking glorious.

There are no bad places in Scotland and as we sit here enjoying the views and the walking we continue to be amazed as to how few people are here trying to spoil our enjoyment 🫠.

For views like this you would pay fortunes and living on wheels yo get them pretty much free.

It's a tough job........

Hopefully we get a sky full of stars and maybe a memorable sunset!

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