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When Luther met Miss Daisy💕💕💕

It was an epic journey starting in snow ending in snow and beautiful sunshine in between we now have our new bedroom!!. His name is Luther there’s a reason....

A round trip of 320 miles up mountains down valleys alongside lochs blizzards and gales. Met two lovely people bought our caravan which we then towed back our first attempt at towing. We now have guest accommodation 🧐.

started off

Rae mastering the road

Drove across the plains

Alongside the lochs

Picked up Luther and started the return journey in time for Judith’s birthday! Again we experienced weather and views that only this magnificent country can provide.

From this to this in a matter of 10 minutes!

The caravan jumped and bumped and we adjusted and coped with all the new knocking and banging.

Until we came down from the high plains back to what we call home currently

There’s snow ahead😳.

Arrived home to the news that we have been furloughed for the next week or so!

But more importantly to Judith’s Birthday Happy Birthday Judith!!!!

Thanks to Judith and Simom for looking after Gordon whilst we acquired Luther. A big thank you to Luthers previous parents who were so kind and helpful today!

All in days work god bless the Highlands 😎🌈

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