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Wind induced insomnia

Wow that was a night. We are perched atop an escarpment overlooking Dartmoor with some of the most spectacular views I've worken up to. On the flip side when the winds are in excess of 50mph and hitting your high sided vehicle broadside on it becomes a little unnerving. We were buffeted and rocked by the wind with the frequent squally downpours thrown in. It's continues to be a challenge living this close to the elements but on the whole it's a positive experience, I think?

The weather was forecast as sunshine and showers with a drop in the wind. So we decided to take the van out and find a walk near a local town on the estuary, called Kingsbridge a surprisingly large town with rolling hills surrounding it.

Initially set off along the foreshore but the way was restricted due to high temperatures tide.

A quick about turn and up the hill in and inland.

The clouds began to gather and it became increasingly likely that rain was on the way. We had by this time got a little lost and were depending on the app to get us back.

Via farm tracks


Before finally the heavens opened! Someone was not impressed by my navigational abilities.

We got back a little soggy but alive.

The lanes to the campsite are ferocious and scarily narrow. At times someone has to reverse big distances to allow traffic through. It would certainly influence my holiday decisions in the future. It just adds another layer of stres that one doesn't need.

We've had contact from the bike people they are sending out another rear wheel which incorporates the engine to see if that resolves the problem. That should be with us on Thursday.

Heavy rain and gale force winds forecast for tomorrow 😱.

A picture of Dartmoor ponies I forgot to post

yesterday, as I once again struggled with the app.

Probably short local walking tomorrow!

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