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Woman and dog are the highest duo in the United Kingdom!

We got up at 5 and headed off for Ben Nevis a dull start to the day which quickly brightened as we headed south.

Layers came off very quickly as we started the climb.

The initial ascent was manageable on well laid path. It lead to the first plateau.

From here the path started to zig zag and became increasingly rugged,

Leading relentlessly upwards. There was a breeze to accompany the blue skies and sun. We could not have picked a more perfect day to make the climb.

More than once we were grateful we had sticks especially on the way down.

Passed waterfalls where we drank our fill and doused Gordon with water much to his horror.

Up past the tree line until we encountered Gordons mountain treat.

And so to the summit

Not that impressive in and of itself but the views were breathtaking even for up here it was spectacular.

It’s probably one of the few times that you can look down on the clouds and still have your feet on the ground.

Then homeward bound. The trip down was not fun luckily we had poles as a couple of times they saved us slipping on our arses. Particularly helpful navigating the snow field. Many a slip was witnessed some people choose to slide down on there posteriors.

We took our time and avoided any injuries. We have spoken to a few campers who have injured themselves relatively seriously on the downwards trek.

Rae packed a bag of snow for Gordon’s return journey .

And off we set

A long and at time perilous trip down.

Would we recommend it definitely choose the day wisely remember water, sun cream (we did not) and poles. Probably a little too much for Gordon but he will be nurtured and pampered also he has a few days of rest to look forward too.

We treated ourselves to a well deserved ice cream and headed home. The entire journey up and down including lunch took about 8 hours in total.

A few more photos of the day.

I hope the video works. Now pizza and a Guinness!

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