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Work and a thought

Awoke to rain and clouds obscuring the mountain tops.Morning routine of bins and cleaning was undertaken in full waterproofs. The afternoon in addition to routine business I did a bit of strimming unfortunately most of the garden work we do mowing,strimming and hedge cutting is incredibly noisy offensively so. But it needs doing as a consequence we try to do it in short bursts and not first thing in the morning. It’s not conducive to a happy hangover recovery.

Any ho as I was strimming i or to be more precise a toad had an unfortunate meeting. He was to say the least stunned. I felt a tad guilty but moved in with my day I am hopeful he did as well! The incident led me to wonder why we value some life more than others. Is it to do with cuteness? Why do we spend hours trying to rescue a bee or a butterfly and a similar amount of time trying to kill a wasp! They all are pollinators and useful in the natural order of things! Is a frogs life worth more than a toads but less than a hedgehog. Lambs are cute but taste nice. Badgers don’t taste nice but are less valuable than a cat or a dog . We are currently merrily killing as many midges as possible but gently removing only the colourful moths from harms way. Enough hippie drivel .

The day improved incrementally until we enjoyed a balmy evening.

Work tomorrow and then a couple of days in Fort William.

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