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Work day!

I thought I would try to capture a routine workday so that when we look back we will have a record of what we did and how. We awake at 7 to get ready for a 8.30 start. This is our living quarters.

Next door is the office and reception where Rae is in charge today!

Arrivals pull up to the line and pop into the reception to book in and pay.

We do a bin run at about 9. This entails hooking up the trailer and off we go. We do another at 4.

There are six bin sites around the grounds and each are set up with general waste recycling and glass.

Bag up the waste sanitise and clean the drains.

Trailer filled

Take up to the waste collection area and sort into appropriate bins.

Coffee and then shut the office to clean showers toilet and wash areas.

Gents obviously 🙄

And someone being industrious.

Once completed Rae returned to the office as arrivals and departures need to be processed. After lunch I took the mower out to finish cutting the grass.

We have an extensive grassed area which needs cutting regularly.

We also have a walk behind mower to get to the smaller areas. Along with petrol hedge cutters strimmers and various garden instruments. All new skills that we are still getting our heads round.

On to tackling gorse bushes and other sticky things.


All to be taken to the green waste area.

Meanwhile Rae continues to process advise and instruct the new arrivals. The day is completed when she has to reconcile the takings and bookings ready for the next day.

Normally finish at 8 so a long day. When we are working we don’t go off site and we are on call over if needed. Luckily it’s rare that we are called.

This gives a rough idea of what the job entails. It doesn’t capture the discussions in reference to parking correctly,using the toilet in a covid safe way, walking advise and a myriad of technical question, problems with electrics tv arials etc. Not to mention the abuse that can be directed at us. in fairness the vast majority of our customers are interesting, polite and appreciative of our efforts.

These are all new skills that we are honing in truth up until March my DIY and gardening skills were negligible. Rae as always is organised and doing a sterling job. I hope I can at least come some way to keeping up with her when I try to learn some of the office stuff.

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