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WTF was that!

We had heard of the museum of curiosity in Little Dean this was some 18 miles away so decided to saddle up the bikes attach Gordon and head off however we did not factor in the hills or the diversion through the woods.The wood diversion was to enable Gordon to stretch his legs unfortunately there was a mountain bike competition with them wizzing past at a rate of knots.

Picturesque but a diversion we kept asking people the way and we were greeted by strange stares and a shrug of the shoulde.

Gordon was less than impressed.

We eventually arrived at the Little Dean gaol something we had been urged to attend. It was a gobsmaking experience. The entrance seemed appropriate.

Once through the gate even before you enter the main building the weirdness begins.

I can't begin to describe the madness inside so overwhelming it left you feeling disoriented. From pictures of page 3 models to KKK Hitler and graphic pictures of ISIS beheadings. Oh and stuffed animals followed by a Mod exhibition. The owner claims that he's exhibiting the horror of humanity but is very pro death penalty and violence the peaky blinders krays and such like feature in a prominent way.

It's worth a visit but oh my....

From this to this

And this

just one more.

That's just a taster!

We then headed home but the batterie on the new bike had taken a beating. It was touch and go wether we would make it. The hills were emense and I perhaps used the throttle too much on the way out but we made it back with one bar remaining. Peddle harder less throttle and luckily some very steep downhills!

The views were as always outstanding.

A well earned Guinness and home!

No idea what the plan is for tomorrow but tonight we will be recharging ours and the bikes batteries!

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