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Another beautiful day another skill mastered and another strange encounter.

The day started as it finished a little chilly but clear sky’s and sunshine. I would choose this weather if I could,not too hot but ok to work in. Lots of comings and goings as is the norm at the moment. I had a curious request from a camper last night as he rung the duty bell at about 10. He was not happy about the midges and asked me if I could remove them from the air above his tent? I had to regretfully admit to my shortcomings and tell him I could not. However I was able to reassure him that his pregnant wife would probably survive the night.

We had a visit from our machinery instructor and have arranged for the end of year assessment on our trip home.

Rae in a very timely manner managed to reverse the trailer into the compound perfectly. It may not sound like much but for both of us reversing a trailer is a new skill we are both very proud of!

The electrician visited and fixed the water pump and as I was removing the plastic covers came face to face with this fella.

I’m not sure who was the most shocked.

Tomorrow we are off to Elgin once we have done our morning duties. We should arrive at about 3.00 that will give us time to get into town hopefully for a wander about.

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