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Probably the nicest area yet that we’ve stayed.

The conversation with the blog server continues. I am trying to find a way forward.!

We had packed away our summer clothes thinking that as we headed home we would not be needing them. After unpacking them we donned appropriate clothing and set off on the bikes.

The sea is aboa 5 minute walk and the cycle path took us through the nature reserve with warnings to watch out for tortoises and turtles laying eggs on the beach! It was a beautiful ride taking in forests.

Lagoons and magnificent beaches.

Today as it was Sunday we decided to head in the opposite direction to Valencia.

The nearest town was definitely not a tourist destination and had the feel of a rundown British seaside town. It was nice to see something a little more authentic than we have been used to.

The beaches stretched into the horizon.

Behind the seaside stop were acres of polly tunnels with every kind of lettuce growing. It had the feel of authenticity and was all the better for it.

Tomorrow we are hoping to ride the 9 kilometres in Valencia to have a look around.

We are here for 5 days and we will certainly not struggle to fill our time.

The only downside is at the rear of where we are parked there's a dog agility park an my lord it's noisy. Went on last night to 11 o'clock 😳.

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