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Noah would have been impressed.

My lord did it rain last night it sounded like a gang of river dancers had decided to practice there set on our roof in hobnailed boots. Living in the van offers a connection too the elements we don't get when in a house. When it's sunny we roast,when cold we freeze,when windy we rock, when it rains we hear every drop[ if waterproof] and often times the inside is like a tropical rainforest with condensation dripping from every surface. But given the choice I would rather sleep in the van than a house.

We were expecting the weather to continue wet and stormy but it suddenly brightened up so we took advantage and picked up daughter and granddaughter oh and dog and headed out into the forest.

A very pleasant stroll in the sunshine with 3 generations.

Took advantage and stole a shower before heading out for a Sunday roast.

We are making the most of having to return and we will be heading off with the grandkids to Hampton Court on Tuesday.

Sorting bike out tomorrow. Hopefully sorting LPG and Halloween party on Saturday.

We are now planning the next leg of our journey. We will have to factor in current ill health and as a consequence a potential quick return.

The Forest remains a beautiful a special place!

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