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Off road with Gordon I’m really too old for this..,..

First full day so we thought let's take a leisurely bike ride to a local beauty spot. So off we set with Gordon braced for the journey. The outward journey was leisurely if not at times a little scary as we started off on steep decline on very narrow country lanes. This led on to a major A road. We navigated both with bated breath an arrived in Porlock and then Porlock weir.

We spent time exploring the local area and Rae made a friend

Though Rae didn't realise until she saw the picture. We saddled up and decided to take the scenic route home. We asked in the tourist information and we're told it was possible but they looked a little askance.

This is why

This was the beginning but we thought carry on round the corner and let's see!

It got steeper and steeper at one point I was thinking I hope she packed the defib!!

WTF I genuinely thought that's it Gordon was happy as he could hop in hop out!

Only another 6 miles to go.


Up a sheer cliff face to confront these


Following the bridle path with helpful signs directing us to our destination. We are reconoiting Minehead for our first free camping tomorrow!

Gordon had enough and decided to retire to his chariot he had to get out for an emergency poo as it was so bumpy it scared the s.... out of him😱

Then came the down toward the town.

We've arrived and have scoped out tomorrows free camping spot!

Tired but happy we now have to navigate our way up the clif face on our bikes with Gordon no lights and darkness what could go wrong?

Exmore has horses but proper looking ponies.

But you don't get that backdrop in the New Forest.

Well that's all folks we have a mountain to climb but will update any dramas tomorrow.

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