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Scarifying poo bins and signs!

The river running along the site a little calmer than recently.

Today we started to make it look ready to open signs up bins out fire stations at the ready

Who would have known there’s so much to opening a campsite. Previously we have rolled up stayed a couple of nights then on our way,no appreciation of the hard work, dedication and professionalism of all those Involved.There are 20 + folders in the office plus untold computer files forms and spreadsheets it makes the NHS look like an anarchic organisation !😳

We have precise instructions on where all signs and locked yes locked poo bins go. Who wants to steal a sack of dog shit???

I mounted that after doing battle with a huge spider!

Rae spent the afternoon scarifying! It’s a verb apparently no idea previously what it meant let alone that it was a doing word? See below.

After work went for a walk

Sheep lochs and views

This sheep broke its leg 2 years ago according to Colin the crofter but he was to soft to put it down 🙄.

A little detour slipping down hills on our backsides but great views

Rae’s getting ready for tomorrow as we head off up the mountain to find one of Britains best waterfalls allegedly!

Weather warnings issued for gale force winds and heavy snow ⛄️. Wish us luck🤞

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