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We had a list of things to do today. We had to get the bike pedal fixed, top up our Wi-Fi card and finalise our amended plans for the summer.

I had to ride to the bike shop without a pedal. Luckily it was all down hill. The first shop quoted us Euro 40 to fix it and needed 2 days. We decided to look for a recommended shop that we had been pointed towards by a local we had met in a cafe. He was a little weird but fixed it in 10 minutes replaced the bit and charged us 15 euros.

The ubiquitous Paraqueets are as noisy as always but remain a great sight.

It's carnival week is in full swing as we head towards lent. We have managed too sort out our data only SIM card which will hopefully last until we are on the ferry back to Dover in March.

The sun was a little hazy but great views and perfect temperature.

This is in the center of Malaga. We will see if we have time to explore further.

After a lot of soul searching we have swapped our summer address from Inverness to Burnham on Sea. We both feel that being closer to family will enable us to offer more support as and when required. It means instead of being 12 hours away we will be 2 and a bit hours from home.

Tomorrow brings more sun we are thinking of going up into the mountains.!

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