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Supposed to get wiser as you get older 😏

We took the relatively short jump from Marbella to Malaga a little over an hour's drive. It was a little convoluted towards the end with some steep gradients. But the view we have from our doorstep made it worthwhile.

The sea in one direction and mountains the other.

We set up and decided to have a short walk to get to know the area. Rae was keen to see if the hiking poles would help her hip. Well that was the theory.

We started off ok but the path very soon became a little tricky.

Rae and the dog decided that discretion was the better part of valour and turned back. I decided to press on.

It very quickly turned into a bit of a scramble. Now this is the point where I should have turned back. However I'm not good at going back the way I have come and instead pressed on hoping to find the circular route back. I stumbled into a shooting club by mistake and was alerted to the fact by big signs with guns and pelogroso which I believe means danger.

Then I stumbled across a mud wallowing whole created by the wild boar that inhabit the hills.

By this time I had run out of paths so had to resort to using the paths that were created by the boar's. Luckily I didn't have to argue about rights of way as we didn't bump into each other.

There was however clumps of very poisonous caterpillar nests. Luckily the dog had by this time safely returned to the comfort of the van as these are deadly to dogs and very uncomfortable for humans.

I must admit there was a little bit of panic settling in as I was grasping onto vegetation to prevent me slipping into a rocky ravine.

Plot spoiler made it back in one piece!

It's crazy we drove the length of Spain not a traffic jam mile upon mile of empty country and the Costa is pretty much an unrelenting conurbation.

Sun is back on duty tomorrow and should be with us for a week or so. Every thing looks and feels better in the sunshine 🌞

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