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Be the change you want to see in the world. We are starting another chapter in our lives. From nursing to campsites. First stop the Highlands 8 months of scenery dramas dog related activities and of course going into battle with the local midges!

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The Roots

Welcome to our trials and tribulations as we leave for the next chapter. We are swapping careers and moving from house to 4 wheels as we set off for the Highlands. The plan is to become nomadic working in the UK for the summer and then much like the birds heading as far south as possible in the summer. Otherwise no real plans so both exciting and a little anxiety provoking. Whatever it is or will be it will jolt us out of any rut we may havebeen in.

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A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving!

Lao Tzu

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The Painted People

We had a late night last night following our farewell tour of Perth. Which in turn necessitated a late start this morning. Weather was a...

Slainte Perth.

My foot appears to have made a miraculous recovery. I've gone from being unable to walk on it too being completely pain free. The only...

Having a look

We had decided to drive to Killin to see what the area was like to aid us in making a decision about where we will be going next year....

Van Doctor and Foot Doctor!

The van went into the Van Doctor at 9.30. I had sat on the phone waiting to get an appointment with the GP. I got an appointment for...


A grey day with lots of hanging around. We are still waiting for the go ahead from the garage. Having said that we are safe and sound on...


A really frustrating day. Foot seems to have reversed its recovery and now if anything it's worse than when I first injured it. The only...