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Be the change you want to see in the world. We are starting another chapter in our lives. From nursing to campsites. First stop the Highlands 8 months of scenery dramas dog related activities and of course going into battle with the local midges!

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The Roots

Welcome to our trials and tribulations as we leave for the next chapter. We are swapping careers and moving from house to 4 wheels as we set off for the Highlands. The plan is to become nomadic working in the UK for the summer and then much like the birds heading as far south as possible in the summer. Otherwise no real plans so both exciting and a little anxiety provoking. Whatever it is or will be it will jolt us out of any rut we may havebeen in.

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A good traveller has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving!

Lao Tzu

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Flying Scotsman and seals

I was just getting ready to get off site as Rae had her Spanish lesson today so I have to make myself scarce. When the guy next door told...

Well rain it did.

It wasn't supposed to rain today and as we stand it's still not raining according to the forecast but it is and it has on and off all...

Burntisland fare dodging

We had a rain free day with strong winds and clouds so in essence a Goldilocks day for Gordon. We jumped on the train to Burntisland (...

Staying local

It rained all day but was a little lighter in the morning so we took a circular walk around where we are staying. The village where we...

Palaces and locks

Probably one of the most consistent wet day we have had since we traveled north. It rarely if at all let up. We had received a new lock...

Showers sand and sea

Rae had Spanish first thing so we headed for the coast after she finished at about 11. We were hoping to complete the next chunk of the...

Rain rain rain.

We had a meal and caught the train back and unfortunately got sucked into a couple of the local pubs. We got embroiled in a couple of...

Train to Dundee

We survived the night as it rained heavily we have a couple of leaks in the van and a door that doesn't work. However managed to survive...